Who caused the climate crisis?

It certainly wasn’t Ebrottié, a small-scale cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire. Or Teresa, who grows coffee in Nicaragua.

In fact as Fairtrade farmers, they are committed to protecting the local environment and lowering their carbon footprint.

But they’re already suffering the worst consequences of the climate emergency. More unpredictable weather means they’re having to work even harder, to earn less.

Here, they tell their storyand explain how Fairtrade can help.

Teresa Riviera Palacios, a coffee farmer in Nicaragua, tell us how Fairtrade can protect our environment.

Fairtrade farmers speak on climate crisis

This Wednesday we’ll be taking their message to Westminster, as The Time Is Now climate rally kicks off.

People from all parts of the country are coming to London to tell their MPs that the growing climate crisis needs attention – urgently.

We’ll be there too, making sure politicians in this country don’t forget their responsibilities to farmers and workers all around the world facing devastating climate change right now.

Their struggle is too often forgotten – please help spread the word by forwarding this post by email, or sharing their words on Facebook or Twitter.

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Supporters Team, Fairtrade Foundation


Our next PM & Fairtrade


Sign the petition

You’ve probably heard by now – in a few weeks we’ll have a new Prime Minister.

But no matter who that is, this is your chance to make sure a fair deal for cocoa farmers is at the top of their to-do list.

Sign the petition to back cocoa farmers

Right now cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire earn on average just 74p a day.

Salimata, a cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire struggling due to unfair cocoa prices.

That leaves women like Salimata struggling to pay for the absolute essentials, like sending her kids to school, medical treatment and decent food to eat.

Will you sign ? Shortly after the new PM is elected we’ll be taking this petition to 10 Downing Street, telling the next leader of this country that they need to stand with cocoa farmers fighting for a fairer deal.

We’ve just passed 40,000 signatures. But we need more – adding your name will help prove the people of this country will not stand for exploitation in our chocolate.

Thanks so much for your support.


Supporters Team, Fairtrade Foundation

Sign the petition to back cocoa farmers

Let’s back a living income for cocoa farmers
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The Scottish Fair Trade Forum
2019 Fair Trade Nation Lecture

The gold supply chain – Hard truths and positive changes

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum invites you to the Fair Trade Nation Lecture 2019.

Ian Nicholson of the Precious Metals Workshop will draw from his experiences of visiting mines across the world and his work as a practising jeweller to present facts and figures around gold supply chain issues, demonstrate what Fairtrade has done to produce a traceable “Clean Gold” supply chain, and advise on what we can all do to help encourage positive changes to benefit mining communities across the world.

Event details
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019
Time: 18.00 – 20.00 with drinks and canapés after the lecture
Location: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh.

This is a free event open to all – to book a ticket use this registration link.

You can also follow our event page on Facebook for updates.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Scottish Fair Trade Forum, Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TB
Tel: +44 (0)141 353 5611

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Did you know there’s 80,000 tonnes of Fairtrade chocolate eaten in the UK every year? That’s the same as 6,400 double decker buses (but significantly tastier)!

There’s more fun facts like this in our new Fairtrade Quiz. Try it out Paul – there’s always a few surprises in the wonderful world of Fairtrade.

We’ve put a few tricky ones in there so we’ll be very impressed of you get anywhere near full marks – best of luck!

After you play, remember to challenge your friends and family to have a go too.

Try our QUIZ NOW

80,000 tonnes of Fairtrade chocolate might sound like a lot but it’s only 12 per cent of the total sold in the UK – we need to spread the word about how Fairtrade can change the world.



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Sign the petition

Exploitation gives chocolate a bitter taste Paul. Even though the chocolate industry is worth billions, many cocoa farmers are struggling to afford the absolute essentials.

Cocoa farmers deserve better – will you back their fight for a fairer deal?

Sign petition to back cocoa farmers

Our new petition calls on the government to deliver a living income for cocoa farmers, and we really need your support.

Salimata, a cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire, is struggling due to plummeting cocoa prices

Cocoa farmers like Salimata earn on average just 74 pence a day: less than half what they need for a living income.

This can’t be right – please sign today to help take the bitter taste of exploitation out of our chocolate.

Sign petition to back cocoa farmers

We’re already making good progress – more than 30,000 people have signed and questions are being asked in Parliament. But we need even more support before we hand the petition in this summer.

After you sign, we’ll be back in touch to let you know how you can get involved in the hand in at 10 Downing Street!

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Supporters Team, Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade Foundation, 5.7 The Loom, 14 Gower’s Walk, London, E1 8PY



How’s your Christmas shopping shaping up?

If you’re in need of some inspiration, why not take a look at our list of wonderfully ethical Fairtrade gifts? Not only will they make lovely presents, but they also have a direct impact on farmers’ lives across the world. Now there’s a gift that keeps on giving.

There are gifts such as Cafédirect’s Christmas coffee, hand-crafted Fairtrade gold jewellery, and even a beautiful bouquet from Arena Flowers for that special someone! There’s something for everyone, check out our blog for more ideas.

And that’s not all, Ben & Jerry’s have even brought out a special winter (heart) warmer – Spice and All Things N’ice, made using Fairtrade-certified cocoa and vanilla, of course. For many of the farmers who produce Fairtrade ingredients, climate change is a major challenge and Fairtrade is supporting training that can help them to adapt.

So when you’re thinking about what to buy for your family and friends, remember that there are lots of Fairtrade products out there to make your Christmas as ethical as possible!

We hope something tinsels your fancy!



STARTS SOON. The annual Fairtrade Sale at Bonnyton, Pitmedden. A huge selection of ethical gifts and essentials. Delicious foods and ingredients for every occasion, cards, crafts, gifts and clothing. A wonderful shopping experience.

From Wednesday to Sunday. You will get a warm welcome.

Come and shop for your gifts in the knowledge that all goods are ethically produced and environmentally friendly, benefiting farmers and makers with fair prices.